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Energetic Lightworker & Chakradance Facilitator

In 2020 Samantha set up Wild Heart Awakened with the intention to offer energy-inspired individuals to join her on a journey - or else to start one of their own!

Samantha’s intention is to empower each and every person she meets with the energy & vision to recognise their own self-worth and true life potential.

To tap into the sound of their own beating heart, and learn that "wild hearts beat the loudest..."

"Listen to your heart beat, 

awaken to its rhythm.

Feel it pulsating with passion and purpose.

Engage energy with intention.

Follow the sound. Follow your spirit.

Step out from the wilderness; move in to your wild."

For years, Samantha had crafted a lifestyle based on a free way of living. With travel as her motivation, she created a purposeful life filled with nomadic adventure and no permanent base. However, in 2020 the world was struck down by that great big C-Word...  and Samantha's plans temporarily stopped still.

As the lockdown continued, Samantha used her time wisely. She invested her energy into self-reflection, meditation, self-love and deep learning, and allowed herself permission to adapt and to grow - whilst finally stopping to sit still at times too!

Samantha gained insight into her own intuition, and began to consider her purpose post-pandemic. She asked her inner compass to guide her, and began to trust the direction that was shown.

Already a devoted yogi, and a with a passion for ecstatic dance, Samantha used these two powerful practises to help tune in to her soul's intention and communicate with her inner wisdom.

She completed her 200 hour training in Yoga and Yogic Philosophy, and underwent a course to become a Chakradance Facilitator with Natalie Southgate. She began to explore tantra, intimacy and body work, and became engaged in energy healing techniques which work with chakra energy and the meridian system. Samantha expanded on her existing skills as a person who holds space for others; a person who facilitates opportunities for others to heal, learn and grow.

Samantha Kelsie created Wild Heart Awakened with passion and purpose.

Now you too can unearth a vision for your future that feels energetic and abundant.

By exploring Samantha's online and in-person offerings, you will begin to align yourself energetically with your own inner compass; you will learn to follow your heart fully; and you can listen to the voice that guides your spirit. The voice that is your soul. 

Wild Hearts Beat the Loudest

Image: Renata Cost | Ecstatic Experiences

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Licensed Chakradance Facilitator & Energy Healing Facial Therapist

Samantha trained as a Chakradance facilitator in 2020, after she discovered founder Natalie Southgate’s online course during the first COVID-19 Lockdown.

It engaged her own 'wild heart' with strength, passion, purpose, and a pure sense of grounding as Samantha realised she'd unearthed the home-coming path she'd walk upon next.

This path has led her to want to share the magic of Chakradance with people at home and all around the world - people on their own journey to happiness and deep healing.

Samantha now offers classes and workshops privately in London, as well as around the UK at festivals and retreats.

When travelling, Samantha takes Chakradance with her and she is proud to be able to host retreats and workshops in some of the most beautiful and inspiring locations around the world.

After years of studying chakra energy, and the meridian system, Samantha also gained a qualification in administering Kinesiologist Caludia Rodino's 'Facial Emotional Therapy' practise, and used these skills combined with her own to develop her personal offering: 'Energy Healing Facial Massage.'

Samantha now delivers this therapy privately to individuals on a one-to-one basis, but also as an offering to guests and participants at festivals and retreats upon request.

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Samantha has been such a wonderful gift in my life and I am beaming with gratitude for all that she’s done. She’s like this supernova of energy and empathy - so much humanity, so much energy, so much integrity...

Rosie RMW - London, UK


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Chakradance is recognised by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists as a healing modality, and Chakradance Pty Ltd is an IICT Approved Training Provider.

Registered Full Member of the Internatio
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