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Samantha Kelsie

"I created Wild Heart Awakened with the intention to offer energy-inspired individuals - like you! - the opportunity to join me on my journey, or even better - to start one of your own..."

By exploring Samantha's online and in-person offerings, you too can begin to align yourself energetically with your own inner compass, as you follow your heart fully, and listen to the voice that guides your spirit.

The voice that speaks your soul. 


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"Listen to your heart beat, 

awaken to its rhythm.

Feel it pulsating with passion and purpose.

Engage energy with intention.

Follow the sound. Follow your spirit.

Step out from the wilderness; move in to your wild."

Wild Hearts Beat the Loudest

Samantha Kelsie



Move Your Chakras - Change Your Life

Samantha Kelsie is a registered facilitator of Chakradance providing workshops and classes in London & the surrounding area, as well as internationally at events, festivals and retreats. 

Find out how Chakradance can inspire you to connect with the Rhythm of Your Soul...

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Samantha has been such a wonderful gift in my life and I am beaming with gratitude for all that she’s done. She’s like this supernova of energy and empathy - so much humanity, so much energy, so much integrity...

Rosie RMW - London, UK

Image - Beginners Guide to The 7 Chakras


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