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As well as her own private offerings, Samantha is proud to collaborate with some of the best facilitators in London to offer a range of energy healing and 'wellness' inspired events.

Follow the individual links for more information about each event or workshop, and to book your place.

Please Note: Due to the intimate setting, some Events required an 'access code' to purchase tickets.
If you wish to obtain an access code, please contact Samantha direct at to register your interest.

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Sunday 27th November

Samantha, Kinga and Grethe invite you to join us for an immersive one-day retreat of Alchemy and Transformation. 

Experience how it feels to live in a divine union with your feminine and masculine polarities. 

Be seduced by your own power as you to embark on a journey to become whole, whilst awakening your highest potential.

Workshop Sessions & Facilitators

 Sacred Sex Magic Manifestation - Grethe Fremo-Bjørn

 Ignite your sacral power for liberating confidence - Kinga Papp

 Chakradance - Samantha Kelsie 

Events & Workshops: Classes
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