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An emotional clearance therapy treatment for body, mind & soul…

Energy Healing Facial Massage is non-invasive holistic treatment designed to work in sync with the body's natural energy centres & nervous system.

Through specially crafted massage and energy healing techniques, combining elements of reiki, meditation, intuitive touch, and soothing strokes - emotional clearance and energetic balance is brought to the meridian system and seven primary chakras.

Working directly with the face, head, neck, arms and legs, this treatment will help to cleanse and recharge the body's natural flow of energy, allowing for unblocked emotions, reduced levels of stress, deep relaxation, and clarity of thoughts.

You will walk away from this experience in a profound state of calm and with renewed feelings of emotional bliss; a recharged and refreshed flow of energy, and an awakened spirit that will inspire your soul.

This treatment combines elements of chakra energy healing, guided meditation, reiki, kinesiology, facial harmony, brain gym, remedial massage, and reflexology, brought to you in a peacefully held environment, with full privacy and sensitivity offered by Samantha every step of the way…

Private Sessions take place in Samantha's home studio in Barbican

60 Minutes | £75

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